So yesterday I ran a whopping 8 miles, 5 of which were with my fellow PETA Pack runners. The other 3 miles were to and from the run. Today I am super sore. I am literally hobbling around. Rachelle seems pretty sore too, she went for a 4 mile run while I was out.It has been so god awfully cold lately that I haven’t truly kept up with my training. for a while I was condensing my running and cross-training into a single day. But honestly, running on a treadmill isn’t the same as running outside. My legs are so sore that I will be spending the whole day inside today (it’s an effort to get to the kitchen from the couch, I dare not brave the three flights of stairs down from my apartment).

Last week I went to the gym with Drew and Lindsay. I mainly worked on my abs, but I did run a couple miles as well as work on my legs, arms and back with weights. I discovered the medicine ball. I was doing the 45 degree twists with the medicine ball. I did 200 reps (starting off with 120 reps @ 16lbs and upping it to 20lbs for the last 80 reps.), I also did long arm crunches set at 90 lbs. Let me say that my mid-section was not happy with me the following day. Luckily being vegan means a much faster recovery from strenuous workouts like that.

Anyway, I need a new pair of shoes. The $20 pair of joggers I have now just aren’t cutting it. While I can run a mile or two in them without much worry, after that the heal strikes really start to fuck with my pace. The reverberation up my leg is a killer. I am thinking of picking up the Newbalance MR905. The running store near my apartment has a pair in my size and I think I am going to try them on this week. Especially since next week’s run is a mile longer than this one.


Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Yesterday was the beginning of week 3 of training. The last bit has been pretty hectic. Once we were all moved in training started to continue as normal until a couple of co-workers went away for the holidays and I said that I would watch their animals, not that this is a bad thing because I do love their dog and cat. However, the time it takes to watch them plus the low temperatures have ensured that my outdoor running has slowed down dramatically.

Yesterday I went to the gym, I know it isn’t a cross training day but I just doubled up since I had missed a couple days of working out. Drew Winter came with and ended up getting a gym membership as well. First I started on the recumbent bike. I rode for 2 miles to warm up and then I headed up stairs to the weights.

Once upstairs I started off with the sitting leg lifts; I did 3 sets of 10 at 50lbs before moving on to the standing leg press. Here I worked both legs alternating left to right and did 3 sets of 10 at 70 lbs for each leg. I then hit up the seated machine row and did 3 sets of 10 at 35 lbs and hit up another rowing machine where I did 3 sets of 10 at 50lbs. I then did some pull downs with 3 sets of 10 at 50lbs and finished off punishing my upper body with 3 sets of 10 rope tricep pushdowns at a meager 15lbs. But I remind myself that I am not going for weight I am going for endurance.

Once I was done with those I hit up the ab area and did 30 captain’s chair leg raises and 30 long arm crunches at 35lbs. To finish off the whole ordeal I went back down to the recumbent bike and did 12 more miles.

I was proud of my time on the bike. I did 14 miles in total with a workout in there as well. It makes me feel more confident about my abilities. Even today my legs weren’t sore, my goal for next time I am at the gym is to cruise up to a cool 25 miles.

Today was my cross training day. After work I walked with Rachelle the 1 mile toward the gym. She went to get tattooed while I worked out. I haven’t been to the gym in quite some time but tonight I got my monthly fee’s worth.

I started out on a cycling machine to warm up, I did 1.5 miles and grabbed some water. After that I went upstairs, I hit up the lower body section of my workout. Starting with the sitting leg press I did three reps of 10 at 120lbs. I then went over to the sitting leg lifts and did another 3 sets of 10 at 50lbs. My plan is to increase each of these by 5-10lbs a week until 2 weeks before the marathon, at which point I will back off a bit and ease into something a bit lower to allow recovery.

Once I was finished with that I switched to upper body workouts. I did another 3 sets of 10 of bicep curls at 25lbs and 3 sets of 10 on the chest press at 50lbs. My goal with this isn’t to increase weight as much as reps. I will probably keep the same weight but try to add 1 rep to each set a week. I want endurance in my upper body not bulk.

With that behind me I went to the core training area. I did my most loathed machine (even more than the lateral arm lifts, Cody!) the ab rocker. I did 3 sets of 10 at a measly 15lbs before I went to the long arm crunch. This is something I am much better at, I did 3 sets of 20 at 25lbs. Finally to finish off the weights I did the oblique twists, I didn’t enjoy this much at all and I think I will try a different oblique work out next time, regardless another 3 sets of 10 at 15lbs.

To finish off the whole thing I went back down to the cardio area and did 7 miles of cycling before walking the mile back to the house. All in all I would call it a good day. I stopped at the market on the way home and picked up some bananas and cherries for a smoothie in the morning. Tomorrow is a rest day so yoga only!

Wonder why I’m vegan, watch this.

See you on Saturday!