So yesterday I ran a whopping 8 miles, 5 of which were with my fellow PETA Pack runners. The other 3 miles were to and from the run. Today I am super sore. I am literally hobbling around. Rachelle seems pretty sore too, she went for a 4 mile run while I was out.It has been so god awfully cold lately that I haven’t truly kept up with my training. for a while I was condensing my running and cross-training into a single day. But honestly, running on a treadmill isn’t the same as running outside. My legs are so sore that I will be spending the whole day inside today (it’s an effort to get to the kitchen from the couch, I dare not brave the three flights of stairs down from my apartment).

Last week I went to the gym with Drew and Lindsay. I mainly worked on my abs, but I did run a couple miles as well as work on my legs, arms and back with weights. I discovered the medicine ball. I was doing the 45 degree twists with the medicine ball. I did 200 reps (starting off with 120 reps @ 16lbs and upping it to 20lbs for the last 80 reps.), I also did long arm crunches set at 90 lbs. Let me say that my mid-section was not happy with me the following day. Luckily being vegan means a much faster recovery from strenuous workouts like that.

Anyway, I need a new pair of shoes. The $20 pair of joggers I have now just aren’t cutting it. While I can run a mile or two in them without much worry, after that the heal strikes really start to fuck with my pace. The reverberation up my leg is a killer. I am thinking of picking up the Newbalance MR905. The running store near my apartment has a pair in my size and I think I am going to try them on this week. Especially since next week’s run is a mile longer than this one.