So this weekend I got quite a bit of exercise… most of it was stairs. Rachelle and I started to move into our new place. This meant no Saturday run, but instead I ran up and down the stairs and tried to turn moving into a workout. Since it is in the same building but in another section, we had to take our stuff from the 3rd floor apartment we were in down to the bottom, out the front door of our section, in the front door of the new section and back up to the third floor. I am not even sure how many trips we took, but we still need to move some stuff. For the most part though, we have the big stuff moved and it is just little things that need to come.

Today was a rest day. I didn’t do much, I moved a few things back and forth but nothing heavy. It was pouring rain all day so I couldn’t have moved some of our stuff even had I wanted to (which of course I did). I will do some light yoga later tonight and run a mile in the morning. One week is over, week two is upon me. Fifteen weeks to go until race day.

In the time that I was resting I did a lot of research on nutrition and vegan endurance athletes. It really seems as though vegan endurance athletes are becoming more popular. Did you know that Scott Jurek, a vegan ultra marathon runner, won the Western States 100 mile ultra marathon 7 times consecutively, every year from 1999 to 2005? He’s not the only one though, I found a site that helps other vegan endurance athletes as well, Organic Athlete.

I have my eye on the prize. Come March my goal is to finish this half-marathon. A year from now I would like to run a full marathon. In 2 years I would like to run a marathon and place. In 3 years I would like to compete in the Ironman triathlon.  Finally, in 5 years I would like to compete in the Western States Endurance Run, a 100 mile run.

You can help me achieve my goals and inspire me to train harder by donating a few dollars to my teamraising site.