So today was a run day. It poured last night so I wasn’t looking forward to it, and when I got out f bed briefly at around 5am my fears were confirmed, it was raining hard! But for some miraculous reason, come 7am, it was not only not raining but warm! I started running in a hoodie for fear of cold but it was actually really warm and I finished the second half mile in a t-shirt.

Shortly after the rain started coming down, it was almost as if nature knew I needed to get my run in this morning and turned the sprinklers off. I was grateful to say the least.

For more reasons why I am running, watch this investigation that just broke today. Money raised from my running this race will go to help fund investigations like this, and force transparency onto corporations that use animals for profit.

Watch undercover footage from inside
Brookstone’s frog supplier.
Find out more at

See you tomorrow.