So today was supposed to be my first day of cross-training. I woke up this morning to pump up the tires of our bike and found that there was a huge hole in the back tire. Hoping it was just the tire and not the tube I tried to pump it up any way, alas it was to no avail. No bike, I will see about getting a new tire tomorrow or Thursday.

Regardless my activity for today could definitely be considered cross training. Rachelle and I got the green light from our landlord to move some of our smaller stuff into the new apartment. It is the same building but in a different section. We made several trips back and forth, all in all I climbed and descended 24 flights of stairs.

My legs are sore from all the stairs and I have a run scheduled in the morning so I am going to stretch a bit and go read before bed. In the mean time you can always check out the reason I am running this marathon and donate to help out.

See you tomorrow.