Before I start talking about my training let me give you some background on who I am. I am not an avid runner, but I do enjoy running. I have run in the past as a sort of recreational activity. When I was younger I cycled pretty much everywhere and over the past 6 years I have not owned a car and have walked, run, cycled, or skated pretty much everywhere within reason. I will be 28 years old in March (4 days before the marathon). I am roughly 140lbs and 6 feet tall which makes me look extremely thin but with a BMI of 19 I am actually just on the lower end of being a normal weight.

So my training started last night. I started off with some yoga to loosen up. Since I will be trying a new regimen, and haven’t run in the past few weeks I decided that all rest days will double as yoga days. This will let me relax and at the same time recharge so to speak. I can tell that I haven’t done any sort of yoga in a long time because there was quite a bit of straining and wobbling, especially during my forward bends and inversions, but in the end I got it. It was a good 30 minute routine and afterward I pretty much passed out.

I woke up this morning at 6:45am and hit the snooze once, bad habit I know, but I was up and running at 7:05 and in the shower by 7:15. I only ran a mile this morning. If you have been following my schedule, I am starting off with a mile a day for 3 days a week for the first couple weeks. It isn’t that I couldn’t have got up and done 2 or 3 miles but it’s early and I would rather pace myself now than pay for it later. For now a one mile loop it is.

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Once I was back at the house I grabbed a quick cool shower to wash off before work and made a quick smoothie out of Trader Joe’s Organic Hemp Protein Powder, vanilla soy milk, and a couple of bananas.

Tomorrow is cross-training. I plan on cycling, and a short low weight upper body work out, but right now… sit ups.

See you tomorrow.